5 Must-see Sights in Greece

Greece is a Dorado for everyone who likes to see sights on their vacation. Countless imposing temples from ancient times, museums with historical remains and many other sights in Greece bear witness to the country’s past. The legacies of great philosophers and Greek gods adorn the popular holiday destination . The millennia-old history is omnipresent and the sights of Greece are a must for amateur historians, archaeologists and anyone else interested. Let yourself be carried away on a journey back to antiquity and explore the various attractions and natural phenomena in the country.

The 15 most important sights that you definitely shouldn’t miss during your Greece vacation can be found in this article. Go on a journey with me and visit the City Masters Palace on Rhodes, the Athens Agora, the Vikos Gorge. Are you curious what else to expect during a vacation in Greece? Then read on, because there are many other highlights of the Greeks waiting for you. Pack your bags and look forward to your vacation. Because with these tips your time in Greece is guaranteed to be unforgettable.

1. Athenian Acropolis

The most famous sight in Greece rises high above the city of Athens: the Acropolis . The ruins of the former city fortress are the symbol of the city and a jewel of ancient architecture.

According to extrareference, the Acropolis consists of several buildings that stand on the 156 meter high city rock and were built between 467 and 406 BC. One of the most important buildings is the Parthenon . With the building the goddess and patron saint Athena was honored. If you go to the foot of the Acropolis, which means upper town , you will get to the Dionysus Theater . This is where the drama began and the ruins are definitely worth a visit. In 1986 the Acropolis was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Here in my travel magazine you can find more information about the Acropolis in Athens .

Guru tip : If you want to see the Acropolis in all its beauty, you can go to Mount Filopappou. From there you have an incomparable view of the mighty fortress.

Athenian Acropolis

Info and tips:

  • Place / Location: Castle Hill in Athens
  • Entrance fee:€ 20, reduced € 10
  • Opening times:8 am-8pm (April-October) / 30am-5pm (November-March)
  • Important information:If you visit the Athens Acropolis, you have to refrain from smoking and consuming food and drinks. You are on holy ground. The best time to visit the city fortress is in the morning, when it is still calm and not so hot in summer.

2. Meteora monasteries

If you want to know what it is like when you can hardly believe your eyes, you have to take a look at the Meteora monasteries in Greece. The monasteries were built on sandstones and seem to float over the surrounding gorges. Six of the monasteries that you can visit are still inhabited.

Even if many tourist buses drive comparatively close to the monasteries, you have to be prepared to climb stairs. Be glad that they exist, because back then the monasteries were only accessible via rope ladders. The Metamorphosis Monastery is the most important of the floating structures between earth and sky. It is the first Meteora monastery to be built in the 14th century. The rock on which it stands is an incredible 600 meters high. Monks still live here today. But you should also have the other floating monasteries that are UNESCO World Heritage Sites on your list and pay them a visit. Here you can find some interesting information about the monasteries of Meteora .

Guru tip : If you are physically unfit, you should visit the monasteries with a rental car, as they are sometimes far apart. If you stay there for several days, you can visit the monasteries on foot and go on beautiful hikes.

Meteora monasteries

Info and tips:

  • Place / Location: near Kalambaka in Thessalin, east of the Pindus Mountains
  • Entry price:€ 3 per monastery, children have free entry
  • Opening times:different, as a rule all monasteries are open daily from 9 a.m.
  • Important info:You have to wear long pants and cover your shoulders. If you don’t have anything with you, you can buy long trousers and scarves on site.

3. Plaka

A different kind of attraction in Greece is the Plaka shopping street . This is one of the oldest districts of the capital Athens. The special flair of antiquity can still be felt in Plaka today.

The narrow streets and the partly colorful facades let you travel back in time. But many parts of Plaka have been restored, making this part of the old town one of the most popular in all of Athens. Stroll through the narrow streets, look into the shop windows, take a seat in one of the cozy taverns and take a look at the Acropolis above you. Another highlight in Plaka is the central market on Evripidou Street . Here is acted like in the Orient!


Info and tips:

  • Location: at the foot of the Acropolis, between the Monastiraki and Akropolis metro stops
  • Important info: No cars are allowed in the district. However, you can perfectly explore Plaka on foot.
  • Guru tip: The Monastiraki flea market takes place in Plaka every Sunday. Here you can get junk, but also art and antiques.

4. Delphi ruins

One of the most famous and mystical sights of Greece are the ruins of Delphi . Legends and myths surround the place like no other.

The holy place used to be the destination of many visitors who asked the oracle at the Temple of Apollo about its future. Not only the mythology, but also the location make the ruins of Delphi one of the sights that should be on my list. The holy place is located on the slope of the Parnas, in the middle of the beautiful mountain panorama. From the archaeological site you can take a look down on the Gulf of Corinth. The ruins of Delphi have been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1987. From Athens you need two hours by car, by bus you are three hours to Delphi. Get off at the Agios Nikolaos metro station and from there it is only a ten minute walk to the ruins.

Delphi ruins

Info and tips:

  • Place / Location:Delphi, on Mount Parnassus, north of the Gulf of Corinth
  • Entrance fee:€ 12, reduced € 6 (for oracles and museum)
  • Opening times:daily 8 a.m.-6.30 p.m.
  • Guru tip: You can visit the oracle free of charge on a few days: March 6th, April 18th, May 18th, the last weekend in September, October 28th and every first Sunday from November 1st to March 31st.

5. Olymp

Not only do humans create remarkable sights, nature is also an artist and created Olympus . Greece’s highest mountains are a sight that especially fascinates hikers and nature lovers.

The highest peak of the legendary mountains is Mytikas at 2,918 meters. Climb the mountain of the gods and you have achieved what many only dream of. Numerous hiking trails lead you through the special flora and fauna that led to Olympus being declared a UNESCO biosphere reserve in 1981. Alternatively, you can go on mountain bike tours in some areas. A visit to the Agios Dionisios monastery is ideal for a cultural change .


Info and tips:

  • Place / Location:Central Greece, located on the east coast of Greece, Macedonia region
  • Important info:Even if Mount Olympus is comparatively easily accessible mountain range, you need climbing experience to climb the Mytikas.
  • Guru tip:If the weather is right, you can go swimming in the Ourlias Gorge and be particularly close to nature.


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