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Yearbook 2018

Algeria. The Berber New Year, which occurred January 12, was celebrated for the first time as a public holiday in Algeria. The decision was announced in December 2017 and, according to President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, was taken to "strengthen national unity". Two days before the holiday, the Algerian Ministry of the Interior issued for the first time a communique in the Arabic language tamazight. The Berbers are a significant minority in the country. The Berber calendar that has been used again since the 20th century is based on the estimated time when Sheshonk I became a pharaoh in Egypt. According to the Berber calendar, 2018 corresponds to the year 2968.

In March, 44 African states, including Algeria, signed an agreement to set up the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

In April, President Bouteflika announced three days of national grief after a military aircraft crashed and all 257 on board died. The plane was traveling from Alger to Tindouf in western Algeria and crashed shortly after takeoff. According to reports, some 30 members of the Western Saharan Polisario movement must have been on board. Polisario has its base in Tindouf. A border crossing between Algeria and Mauritania was opened in August near this city, the first between the countries since France's independence.

According to, Bloggers Merzoug Touati was sentenced in May to ten years in prison, accused of providing "foreign power" with intelligence. He was arrested in January 2017 after advocating protests against a new finance law and publishing a video interview with a spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

In August, the first outbreak of cholera was recorded in Algeria in over 20 years. At least two people die of intestinal infectious disease, which is usually spread with contaminated water and food.

In September, several high-ranking soldiers were allowed to leave, including the Air Force Inspector and the ground forces commander. In Algeria, the president is commander-in-chief.

Dissatisfaction with the Speaker of Parliament, Said Bouhadja, among a large number of Members led to the latter literally locking the President out of his workplace in mid-October. The politicians also worked to get the President replaced. Among other things, he was accused of wasting money.

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