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Yearbook 2018

Austria. According to, Austria took over the club of presidents in the EU Council of Ministers on 1 July. According to Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, the focus was on illegal immigration, under the slogan "Security and the fight against illegal immigration". In June, he had said he wanted to form an "anti-migration axis" with Germany and Italy in order to secure Europe's external borders.

2018 Austria

In early January, 20,000 people, including posters with the text "Don't let the Nazis rule", demonstrated in the capital Vienna against the new Austrian government coalition. After the 2017 election, the country is led by Chancellor Kurz and the Conservative People's Party (ÍVP), which entered into a coalition with the right-wing populist Freedom Party (FPÍ).

In June, the government announced that seven mosques in the country would be closed and that several imams would be expelled because foreign powers, including Turkey, were reported to be financing the business and that they had links to radical Islamism. In a statement, Chancellor Kurz said that "parallel societies, political Islam and radicalization have no place in our society". In 2015, when Kurz was Minister of Integration, came a law that just banned foreign funding of religious groups.

In September, former Chancellor Christian Kern announced that he would step down as party leader for the opposition Social Democrats (SPÍ). Former Health Minister Pamela Rendi-Wagner was appointed new party leader. She is SPÍ's first female leader.

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