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Yearbook 2018

Bahrain. According to, Bahrain was one of the three countries removed during the year from the EU's list of non-cooperating countries in taxes.

2018 Bahrain

In February, activist Nabil Rajab was sentenced to five years in prison for criticizing the war in Yemen on Twitter. He is already serving a two-year prison sentence for "spreading rumors and false information" and being government-critical in various TV interviews. For his role in the democracy protests in 2011, he also had to sit in prison for two years.

In March, 116 people were arrested for links to Iran's Revolutionary Guard, where they were part of a terrorist cell and received training in, among others, Iran. The state news agency BNA says the authorities managed to avert several attacks through the arrest. Large quantities of weapons and explosives must have been seized. Oppositionists in Bahrain are usually accused of allying with Iran.

During the summer, the World Heritage Committee met in the capital Manama to agree on the UN agency UNESCO's annual list of places that are considered particularly outstanding and worthy of protection.

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