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Costa Rica

Yearbook 2018

Costa Rica. It became a landslide victory in the second round of the presidential election April 1 for Carlos Alvarado from the ruling party Citizens Action (PAC). For the sake of rarity, it was not the first round of victories on February 4, Fabricio Alvarado Muņoz of the small conservative National Restoration Party (PRN), who won the final victory. Alvarado convincingly received over 60% of the votes cast and became Costa Rica's youngest president ever at the age of 38. Voter turnout in the second round was also unusually high - 66.5% of those eligible to vote - and this was the first time it was higher than in the first round of a presidential election. The reason was judged to be that Alvarado devoted much of his election campaign just to urge voters to go and vote, and that Alvarado Muņoz was considered a polarizing figure in politics. Some homophobic statements by his co-workers and his own stated opposition to same-sex marriage were also contributing causes. After a decision in the Constitutional Court in November, Costa Rica became the first country in the generally conservative Central America to allow same-sex marriage.

2018 Costa Rica

According to, another breakthrough in Costa Rica's presidential election was that Epsy Campbell became the first black woman to hold the post of vice president.

In early October, Congress approved the newly elected President Alvarado's reform package to address the state's growing budget deficit. The proposal must first be sent to various referral bodies and then go through the congress again, but the prospects of success seemed good. The Conservatives in Congress voted against the proposal, which included both tax increases and extensions and intended to reduce the budget deficit by 3.5% of GDP in four years.

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