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Yearbook 2018

Cyprus. According to, the presidential election in early February was not unexpectedly won by incumbent Conservative President Nicos Anastasiades. With 56% of the votes to Anastasiades, left challenger Stavros Malas was forced to see the battle lost. The central electoral issue was the 44-year division of the country, in a Greek-dominated southern part and a Turkish-supported part in the north. Since the UN-led talks on a united island went unnoticed in the summer of 2017, President Anastasiades has promised that new talks with Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akıncı would start. However, left-wing leader Malas believes that the incumbent president has not done enough to unify the island. But in November, the opportunities for further talks increased, when for the first time in eight years two new border crossings between the Greek Cypriot and the Turkish Cypriot parts were opened.

2018 Cyprus

During the winter, resistant intestinal bacteria were detected in poultry from Cyprus. It is a type of resistance to antibiotics called ESBL carba. Of the EU countries, Cyprus is at the top with 453.4 milligrams of antibiotics per kilo of animals before Spain and Italy, which are 362.5 and 294.8 milligrams respectively. By comparison, Sweden has 12.1 milligrams of antibiotics per kilo of animals.

Cyprus also suffered refugee tragedies in the Mediterranean during the year. At least 19 people drowned in July since a crowded boat with refugees capsized north of Cyprus. According to Turkish Cypriot security forces, more than 100 people could be rescued.

At this year's Eurovision Song Contest, Cyprus and Eleni Foureira came in second place with the song "Fuego".

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