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Yearbook 2018

Dominica. The year was largely about rebuilding after tropical cyclone Maria, which in September 2017 pulled over Dominica with devastating effects. According to, values ​​equivalent to about 225% of the country's GDP are estimated to have been lost. In April, the World Bank approved a $ 65 million support package to rebuild houses and get it back on its feet in the country's crucial agricultural sector. In addition to the banana cultivation, which is the backbone of Dominica's economy, the trees in the island's tropical rainforest also blew. In July, the government initiated a campaign to plant new trees.

2018 Dominica

Among the international relief efforts were contributions from the United States to the school system and 25 million US dollars from the UNDP (UN Development Program) aimed at the construction of houses that can better withstand future storms with hurricane strength. However, the UN rules also meant that Dominica temporarily lost its voting rights in the General Assembly in February because the country did not pay its fees.

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