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Yearbook 2018

Grenada. According to, Parliamentary elections were held in March and became a huge success for the ruling New National Party (NNP) and Prime Minister Keith Mitchell. The party received 59% of the votes and all 15 seats in the House of Representatives. Mitchell was thus able to begin his fifth term as a total head of government. The opposition party National Democratic Congress (NDC) received a total of 40% of the vote but thus failed to win any individual constituency and thus became completely without parliamentary seats. Following the election, NDC party leader Nazim Burke decided in July to resign with immediate effect.

2018 Grenada

In August, the capital of Saint George's was hit by severe flooding caused by heavy rains. The water level was just over a meter high. Cars were washed away, buildings damaged and several landslides occurred. At least one person lose their life.

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