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Yearbook 2018

Monaco. In March, an organized fraud was revealed in which money from rich people was deceived by pretending to be a high-ranking person in the principality. Among other things, a person who was similar to Monegasque Head of State Prince Albert had contacted wealthy people and claimed to be in urgent need of money. According to, the Monaco government reaffirmed it all in a statement saying that the target boards were "the community leaders or people in charge". The fraudsters had also used official stationery and telephone numbers.

2018 Monaco

Prior to this year's Formula One season, the owner company Liberty decided that the light-skinned women, so-called grid girls, who introduce drivers before the start of the race, would disappear as this does not fit with today's norms and values. Nevertheless, they were back in Monaco in May. Reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton thinks it's good, because "when we drive forward and there is a beautiful woman there it feels like it's the Monaco Grand Prix".

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