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Yearbook 2018

Mozambique. In February, President Filipe Nyusi announced that he had reached an agreement with the opposition movement Renamo that in the future the country's governors should not be appointed by the president but by the party or coalition that wins the elections in each region. The legislative changes would be in place before the fall local elections. According to, these were held in October and resulted in victory for the Frelimo government party in 44 of 53 municipalities, while Renamo took home eight municipalities and Mozambique's Democratic Movement (MDM) remained the largest in the port city of Beira. However, Renamo did not want to accept the election result, but claimed that the party won in another five municipalities. The country's constitutional council granted Renamo right in so far as it ordered re-election in eight constituencies in Marromeu. According to media reports, there were also independent testimonies of election fraud in at least three other municipalities.

2018 Mozambique

In February, the northern part of the country was hit by severe floods due to heavy rains. At least 14 people died and tens of thousands needed help with food, among other things.

In June, a militant Islamist group operating in the northern province of Cabo Delgado reported killing at least 39 people and fleeing over a thousand others. In October, the death toll had risen to around 90 over the past twelve months. That those responsible would be Islamists was now questioned by many. No group had committed the murders and although the locals called the killers al-Shabab, no connection to the Somali movement of the same name could be demonstrated.

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