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Yearbook 2018

Namibia. In January, President Hage Geingob introduced a ban for politicians and officials to travel abroad. The ban, which lasted for a month, was added due to the country's growing budget deficit. In order to save money, the president himself had, in his own words, refrained from using the government's aircraft during several of his trips. According to, another saving measure the government took was to force thousands of soldiers to be free to reduce military bases on food and electricity costs.

2018 Namibia

In early February, President Geingob dismissed Interior Minister Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana and Youth Minister Jerry Ekandjo. These two had challenged Geingob in an attempt to take over the leadership of the SWAPO (South West Africa People's Organization) government party at its November 2017 congress. Both ministers had been in government since independence in 1990.

In October, Geingob said he intended to work to accelerate the redistribution of agricultural land to the black population through expropriation, that is, white landowners should be forced to sell. The current system is based on the principle of "willing buyer, willing seller".

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