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Yearbook 2018

Nepal. When all the votes from last year's parliamentary elections were counted - and an indirect election to the parliament's upper house was held - the election results were determined in February. It showed that the alliance between Nepal's Communist Party (UML) and Nepal's Communist Party CPN-MC received a total of 174 of the 275 seats of the Federal Parliament. Of the seats, 121 went to UML and 53 to CPN-MC. The opposition party Nepali Congress (NC) received 63 seats.

2018 Nepal

According to, the result meant that the Left Alliance - UML and CPN-MC - had a sufficient number of mandates in total to form a majority government.

In February, UML's party chairman KP Sharma Oli was appointed prime minister.

Shortly after, the Left Alliance formed a coalition government called the Nepal Communist Party.

According to analysts, the Olis alliance was closer to China than the Nepalese Congress, which was closer to India. Both India and China are competing for economic influence in the poor neighboring Nepal.

In March, Bidhya Devi Bhandari was re-elected for a new term of five years.

In the same month, 49 passengers were killed when a plane crashed in connection with the landing at Kathmandu Airport. The plane had flown from Bangladesh's capital Dhaka and was of the type Bombardier Dash 8 Q400, according to TT news agency.

At a meeting between Oli and India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi in India's capital New Delhi in April, the countries entered into an agreement to expand railways and waterways in Nepal. Among other things, the railways on Nepal's plains landscape in the south would be expanded to reach Kathmandu.

In June, Oli visited China's Prime Minister Li Keqiang in Beijing. During the meeting, the leaders agreed to build a rail link between Kathmandu and Shigatse in Tibet. The investment was one of several Chinese investments announced in connection with the meeting. For example, efforts in hydropower, cement factories and fruit cultivation would be made in Nepal. In addition, Li Keqiang wanted to start negotiations on a free trade agreement with Nepal.

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