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Saint Lucia

Yearbook 2018

Saint Lucia. In January, the opposition party boycotted Saint Lucia's Workers Party (SLP) ceremony as the new governor general was sworn in. According to SLP, Emmanuel Neville Cenac did not meet the requirements of a general governor as a generally respected and reliable person who can act as a unifying force in the country. According to, the reason for the criticism was traced back to the 1987 election, when Cenac launched himself as one of the SLP's candidates but then switched sides and sat in a government led by the United Workers' Party (UWP).

2018 Saint Lucia

In September, SLP organized a protest march against the government's policies and a number of abuses in the country, including the state of health care. The demonstration was held on the anniversary of the fire that broke out on September 9, 2009 Jude Hospital and that cost three patients their lives. The reconstruction of the hospital continued until 2016, when it was stopped by the government indefinitely. In November, several organizations for health care professionals demanded a response to the crisis situation in healthcare.

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