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Yearbook 2018

Samoa. During the year, Samoa followed Palau, Kiribati and the Cook Islands when in March their surrounding water turned into shark sanctuaries. According to, Prime Minister Tuila'epa Sailele therefore wants to be able to help maintain an important part of the marine ecosystem. Every year, millions of sharks are killed for their fins, which has resulted in several species being threatened. In 2009, Palau established the world's first shark sanctuary.

2018 Samoa

At a speech in August during a visit to Australia, Samoa's Prime Minister strongly criticized the world's climate skeptics. He said that the US, China and India are basically responsible for several Pacific island states becoming so severely exposed as the weather gets warmer due to climate change. “Leaders from one of the countries who think that there are no climate change, I think should be taken to mental hospitals. He is extremely stupid, and I say the same about any leader here who says that climate change does not exist, "Prime Minister Sailele said.

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