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Yearbook 2018

Slovenia. According to, Extravasation for the country's National Assembly was held in early June after Prime Minister Miro Cerar chose in March to resign. This resigned because the country's highest court annulled a referendum that had approved a rail project worth around EUR 1 billion.

2018 Slovenia

At the election, xenophobic Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) won, which got about 25% of the vote. The second largest party was the former comedian Marjan Šarec's anti-tabloid movement LMS (Marjan Šarec's list), which received 12.7% of the votes. In third place came the Social Democrats (SD) with about 10%. Outgoing Prime Minister Miro Cerars Modern Center Party (SMC) received only 9.7% (winning the 2014 extra-election with 34.5% of the vote) and the Coalition united left (ZL) 9.2%. SDS can, however, have problems with collaboration; only New Slovenia (NSI), which received 7.1%, has agreed to cooperate with SDS. The turnout was just over 51%.

After the election, President Borut Pahor asked the leader of the xenophobic Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS), Janez Jansa, to form government. When this failed, Marjan Šarec from LMS was appointed prime minister instead. Šarec, which has excluded cooperation with xenophobic SDS, took office in September with a government consisting of five left and center parties, including LMS, SD and SMC.

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