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Yearbook 2018

Switzerland. In a referendum in March, 71% of voters voted to retain the license fee for public service, that is, radio and TV. According to, the Swiss equivalent of the Radio Service is called Billag, and the opponents have argued that the licensing fee system is outdated and that it impedes the competitiveness of other media companies. In another referendum, this June, just over 70% of Swiss voted to block foreign gaming sites on the Internet. As of 2019, only gaming companies and casinos registered in Switzerland will be allowed, and this applies not only to the Internet but also purely physically.

2018 Switzerland

Ten people, seven skiers, two climbers and one guide, were killed in May when the Swiss Alps suffered severe weather conditions. Five of them were part of a group of 14 people who failed to reach a mountain cabin in the Pigne d'Arolla area in southern Switzerland west of the Matterhorn mountain peak and were therefore forced to spend the night outdoors.

In August, all 20 people died on board an old propeller aircraft when it crashed in the Swiss Alps. The plane, a Juncker Ju-52 ("Aunt Ju"), was from 1939 and was flown by a company that makes panoramic flights for, for example, tourists.

In Lausanne, in August, a Muslim couple were denied Swiss citizenship because they did not want to shake hands with the opposite sex. The mayor of the city motivated the decision with a lack of respect for equality.

Apple Watch now sells more watches than the entire Swiss watch industry together, and then it's about brands like Omega, Rolex, Tissot and Swatch. This is what the analysis company Canalys claims, which looked at figures relating to sales during the last quarter of last year.

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