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Trinidad and Tobago

Yearbook 2018

Trinidad and Tobago. According to, the country got its first female president when lawyer Paula-Mae Weekes swore oath in March. She thus became the total sixth president since the transition to the Republic of 1976.

2018 Trinidad and Tobago

Prime Minister Keith Rowley conducted a government reform in April and then another in early August. Among other things, Rowley himself left the extra post as Minister of Housing, which he took over in April. In October, a three-day protest march was held in which participants demanded that Rowley's government resign. The dissatisfaction was mainly based on the decision to close down a large oil refinery that employed several thousand people.

In April, Judge Devindra Rampersad ruled that the law that criminalized voluntary sexual acts between adult men violated the country's constitution. In connection with another verdict in September, he pointed out that same-sex sex between women could obviously not be illegal either. The government stated that it intended to appeal the verdict.

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