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Yearbook 2018

Vanuatu. In March, Deputy Prime Minister Joe Natuman of the Supreme Court was sentenced to two years of conditional sentence for attempting to influence a police investigation unduly during his time as Prime Minister (2014-15). In 2014, Natuman ordered then-Chief of Police Aru Maralau to prevent a police investigation by senior police officers accused of trying to rebel. According to, Natuman, who pleaded guilty, explained that he had no intention of leaving his seat in the government but did so in May. This after the President suspended him from Parliament and declared his place vacant. In July, the Court of Appeal upheld the decision of the President. In November, Natuman also resigned as leader of Our country's party.

2018 Vanuatu

In March, two children drowned when they were swept away by the bodies of water from a flooded river. This, in turn, was a consequence of the tropical cyclone Hola, which caused another casualty.

In July, a new political party, Leleon Vanua, was formed, which was described as a women's party and whose stated aim was to change the fact that none of Parliament's 52 members are women.

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