Agra, India Arrival and Transport

General information

Top speed
The city has a top speed of 50 km / h.

per mille limit This is 0.0 per mille for motor vehicle drivers.

there is left-hand traffic.

Due to the chaotic traffic and potential problems with the police – for example, accidents in which sacred cows are injured are punished – only rental cars with chauffeurs should be considered. This is more convenient and safer, as Indian drivers hardly obey the traffic rules, making driving in Agra very difficult for those who are not familiar with the area. Almost all means of public transport (buses, taxis, rickshaws, etc.) contribute to the traffic chaos.

In addition, for self drive an International driver’s license required (International Driving License, IDL).

Air traffic

As a city of India according to extrareference, Agra has a domestic airport known as Kheria Airport, 7 km from the city center and approximately 3 km from the central bus station, Idgah Busstan. Airlines offer flights and direct flights to all major cities and states in India. There are direct flights to Delhi every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
The airport terminal offers amenities such as a snack bar, a post office, a tourist information office and others

Train traffic

Many tourists visit Agra as part of a one-day excursion from Delhi, which is made possible by the good train connections. The city’s train stations are important main stops on the Delhi- Mumbai line and have various terminals. Many large cities in various states can be reached from Agra.

Agra Cantonment Railway Station (Agra Cantt. For short) is located southwest of downtown near Idgah Colony, the bus stand, and the airport. The area around Agra Cantonment is lined with various lavish markets such as the Sadar Bazar. Luxury, express and express trains such as the Shatabdi Express or the Jhansi Taj Express run from Agra. These trains are excellent ways to get into town or to see the places near Agra. Various trains run daily to the Nizamuddin Train Station of New Delhi. The fastest of these trains is the AC (Air Condition) Shatabdi Express, which runs daily and reaches Delhi in two hours. The Taj Express is far cheaper, but significantly slower.

Another train station in Agra is the Raja Ki Mandi Railway Station in Civil Lines (approx. 5 km from the city center), in the vicinity of which there are numerous inexpensive hotels.

Travelers should travel long distances by second or first class train, as traveling in ordinary class is extremely uncomfortable. The Marudhar Express from Calcutta via Varanasi and Agra to Jaipur is rarely on time. Delays of up to 4 hours are almost mandatory.

Bus transport

Agra is very well connected to the rest of the country. The state transportation company is Uttar Pradesh State Touristic Development Corporation (UPSTDC), which provides both DeLuxe and local buses that run from Agra to Delhi, Lucknow, Gwalior, Jhansi etc. Aside from UPSTDC, there are many private tour operators.

The central bus stands are Agra Fort Bus Station on the one hand and Idgah Bus Station on Aijmer Road on the other. The latter is located southwest of the city center. Many Express and DeLuxe buses start from there, and buses run every hour to the Sarai Kale Khan Bus Station in Delhi (5h) via Mathura (11 / 2h). Furthermore, Jaipur is approached every hour (6 hours). Some buses also serve Fatehpur Sikri (1 hour) and Bharatpur (11.5 hours).
There are also buses to Delhi via Mathura from the Agra Fort Bus Station, which is right next to the Agra Fort.

Rajasthan Government buses depart from Hotel Sahura, near Idah Bus Station. For example, DeLuxe buses leave for Jaipur every hour.

There are also regular buses to major cities in the state and back on Highways 2, 3 and 11. Average distances from Agra to certain major locations: Jaipur 236 km; Delhi 203 km; Mathura 58 km; Bharatpur 60 km; Gwalior 118 km; Khajuraho 393 km.


There is a prepaid taxi rank right in front of the Agra Cantonment Train Station. Taxis take up to four people and can also be hailed on the street. Although most have taximeters, prices often have to be negotiated. However, it is advisable to insist on the taximeter.


Rickshaws are found in Agra in two ways:

– For one thing, the auto rickshaws drive. These three-wheeled vehicles cover short distances and are available all over the city. There are prepaid taxi ranks in front of Agra Cantonment Station. Auto rickshaws can also be rented by the hour or the whole day (an 8-hour tour costs 300 Rs., About 6 euros). However, you are not allowed to go to Fatehpur Sikri, so you have to use buses or taxis.

Bicycle rickshaws are three-wheeled vehicles with bicycle pedals. You drive short distances in narrow streets and alleys. They can accommodate two people. The prices are negotiated with the driver. They are much cheaper than taxis or auto rickshaws and of course very environmentally friendly.

Rickshaws © goruma (D.Jesse)

Boat trips

Cruises on the Yamuna are offered by some private boat owners. Such rides are popular as they offer exceptional views of the Taj Mahal. Incidentally, the 1,376 kilometers long Yamuna is the largest tributary of the Ganges, into which it flows at Allahabad. It rises at the Yamunotri Shrine in the Himalayas and flows through the Indian states of Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh along New Delhi, Mathura and Agra. Its main tributaries are the Tons, Chambal, Betwa, Singh and Ken.


Bicycles can be borrowed from the Raja Bicycle Store in the Taj Ganj area, for example. However, riding a bike in Agra is not necessarily recommended, because the bad roads make the excursion a stick-and-stone tour. In the inner area of ​​the city there is also incredible traffic, smog and noise. Only recommendable is the road from the Taj Mahal west to Agra Fort and east to Shilpgram; this road is quite quiet and is used by some strange and exotic vehicles.

Agra, India Arrival and Transport

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