Alaska: The Last Frontier

Do you like rugged and untouched nature, deserted mountainous landscapes, glaciers and do you want to spot whales or bears? Then an Alaska vacation is the vacation for you! In this northernmost state of America, nature reigns supreme and an active tour is the perfect way to discover this state!

According to growtheology, Alaska is the largest and most inhospitable state in the United States with no less than one and a half million square kilometers. Alaska borders Canada on the east side. It is otherwise surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Arctic Ocean and the Bering Sea. The capital of Alaska is Juneau, Anchorage is the largest city.

Ideal starting place

Anchorage is an ideal starting point for an Alaskan vacation. Not only because you fly into this city on the water, but the city offers endless possibilities. From an action-packed city to over 60 glaciers, amazing national parks and wildlife just a short drive from your hotel.

See whales, cycle the Coastal Trail, learn about the history and culture of Alaska at the Anchorage Museum and enjoy (home-caught) fresh fish? You do it all in this town. And an encounter with a moose is a certainty in this city because more than a thousand of these animals live in Anchorage.

Other points of interest include the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, the Alaska Native Heritage Center and the Alaska Zoo.

Explore Alaska

There are many activities you can do in Alaska. Alaska is the ultimate place to spot bears, this can be done on the ground with a guide, but it is also possible to rent a helicopter. For the advanced climbers among us it is also possible to visit a glacier, you fly with a helicopter to a high part of the mountain and hike from this place to the glacier.

During your Alaska vacation you can enjoy hiking through the impressive landscape. Bird watching is of course also possible. It is also very nice to go kayaking on one of the lakes, something everyone can do and this way you can see a lot of the area.

Tallest mountain in Alaska, North America

From Anchorage you can easily travel to Denali National Park. An absolute must see and a highlight of an Alaska vacation. With Mount Denali, the highest mountain in North America. The top of this giant is almost 6,200 meters high and has several sub-tops.

The Denali National Park is only accessible when accompanied by a ranger. Book a tour and join us on a journey of discovery in this beautiful and overwhelming park. The landscape is characterized by hills, mountains, tundra and wide glacial rivers. Elk, grizzly bears, reindeer, Dall Sheep and wolves are frequent sightings. An experience to never forget!

On to the Arctic Circle

After Denali National Park, a visit to Fairbanks, further north, is definitely worth it. From this city you can visit the Arctic Circle. You can also enjoy overwhelming natural phenomena such as the Northern Lights, fast-flowing rivers, mirror-smooth mountain lakes and great views.

Fairbanks is the second largest city in Alaska. The city is located in the Tanana Valley, on the Chena and Tanana rivers. The city is also called ‘the Golden Heart of Alaska’ because of its gold mining history and its location deep in the interior. Also in Fairbanks is the Geophysical Institute, where aurora hunters who want to see the Northern Lights gather. This natural phenomenon can be observed between September and May. Important to take into account when booking your Alaska vacation.

You can explore the area around Fairbanks by riverboat or seaplane. For example, ‘flightseeing’ tours depart from the city to the Arctic Circle.

The Last Frontier

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