Best Areas in Krabi for Accommodation

If Krabi wants to stay in one place and only once a couple visit elsewhere, it is best to spend a holiday in Ao Nang, the adjacent Noppharat Thara or Railay, which is a paradise place for a tropical holiday. If you want to explore Krabi and not be interested in staying on the beach, the city of Krabi is an excellent headquarters for adults. If you want to do a huge variety of things, Ao Luek is a good area for accommodation, and Railay is also a place where you can do some things very well, such as climbing. If you like a lot of the seas and explore different islands or go diving, Ao Nang and Noppharat Thara are great places. Ships leave the port of Noppharat Thara for the islands, but ships also leave the city of Krabi for the islands.

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The city of Krabi

The city of Krabi is a small city with excellent services, not nearly as lively as places like Patong or Pattaya, and there are no bar girls and no masseuses yelling after men. In other words, it’s a neat place to be in the resort town, and there, too, women can well spend the evening and there’s nothing disgusting about evenings. The city of Krabi as a whole is a peaceful place where families and elderly couples feel at home.

The city of Krabi offers quick access to the entire Krabi area, and self-employed travelers should consider spending at least a couple of nights in the humus of the city.

City Hotel Krabi, 9th House and Lada Krabi Express are just places to stay in Krabi.

The city of Krabi is a small city with excellent services

Ao Nang

Ao Nang is the most popular place for a hotel, but hotels in Noppharat Thara can also be found under the reservation systems under Ao Nang. However, Ao Nang is a completely different holiday destination, and there is also a trip to the Noppharat Thara peninsula, where the best beach and harbor in the area are located.

Ao Nang is in many ways a cliché-like tourist destination, where it is easy to have a holiday, where the menus are in Finnish and where you can even get a tentacle. Compared to many other places like Pattaya, it is quite a neat place, but there is some nightlife there. There are restaurants for every departure, but there are plenty of overpriced and poor-quality restaurants among them. Shopping is moderately good, and all services from shops to restaurants are mainly on the seafront and its side street that runs towards Krabi town.

Ao Nang Beach is the highlight of the place and is a diverse place. From there you can go on a boat trip to the nearby Railay, as you can walk and sunbathe and in the evenings you will admire the sunsets. Ao Nang is a fairly large place, and the location of the accommodation is worth paying attention to. The loudest and busiest is at the intersection of the promenade and the road to the city of Krabi, and those looking for peace should take a look at what has been said about the noise level.

Good accommodations in Ao Nang include Addjiotresort Aonang, Ananta Burin Resort and Aonang Sunset Hotel.

Noppharat Thara

Located next to Ao Nang, Noppharat Thara is known by numerous different but similar names and is quite a different place from Ao Nang. The farther from the Haeng River, which is on the border of Ao Nang and Noppharat Thara, the more peaceful it is, and the most peaceful is the peninsula with its stunning beaches. There is a harbor near them, and if you want to go on islands or other boat trips that include diving trips, it may be a good idea to stay close to the headland.

Noppharat Thara has many Thai restaurants and these and many other services are on the boardwalk, which is at its busiest and most tourist-friendly in the parts close to Ao Nang. However, Noppharat Thara has a lot of everything, as there is a Thai boxing hall, a good market on Wednesdays and the opportunity to buy some kind of excursion from several different stalls and travel agencies. However, shopping there is not very successful, and the city of Krabi and Ao Nang are better places for them.

Good accommodations at Noppharat Thara include Tip Anda Resort and Loma Place.

where and which hotel in Krabi


Near Ao Nang, a peninsula that can only be reached by water, is the paradisiacal Railay. It is quite a diverse place as there are several different areas, but in many ways it is a more expensive holiday destination than Ao Nang. There are only a few shops there, rock climbing is popular there, the beaches are fine sand and the scenery is unforgettable and there are no cars or hustle and bustle on the island.

Hat Ton Sai (Hat Tonsai, Tonsai) is the area with the most affordable accommodation and restaurants there, and Railay West, or the west side of the peninsula, is otherwise quite a pricey place for its hotels and restaurants. Railay has high-quality resorts where the holiday goes smoothly and you can come here for the whole holiday. For most, however, the best solution is to spend a day or a few nights here.

If you arrive at Railay with suitcases, you should make sure you don’t have to walk in the water. If you leave the city of Krabi, you will arrive on the east side of the peninsula with a long floating pier, and the journey will also start from the pier of the city of Krabi. If you leave here from the beach of Ao Nang or Noppharat Thara, you will arrive on the west side of Railay, and both there and on the beaches around Ao Nang you will walk in the water by boat.

Considerable accommodations in Railay include Tonsai Bay Resort and Railay Princess Hotel & Spa.

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