Cabo Verde 2018

In 2018, Cape Verde had a population of approximately 550,000 people. The economy is largely based on services and tourism, while fish and other seafood are the main exports. Portuguese and Crioulo are the official languages although other languages such as French are also spoken. According to extrareference, Cape Verde is a presidential republic with an executive branch headed by the President who is elected for a five-year term. The legislative branch consists of a unicameral parliament (the National Assembly). In terms of foreign relations, Cape Verde maintains diplomatic ties with over 70 countries around the world and has close ties with its neighbors in West Africa such as Guinea-Bissau, Mauritania and Senegal. The government also works closely with international organizations such as the United Nations, African Union (AU), World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Trade Organization (WTO) and Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

Yearbook 2018

Cape Verde. During the year, Cape Verde formed stronger ties with Angola, another of the former Portuguese colonies. In late April, Prime Minister Ulisses visited Correia e Silva Angola. Both he and Angolan President João Lourenço expressed a desire to strengthen bilateral cooperation. An agreement on cooperation in democracy at local level was signed and Correia e Silva stated that Cape Verde has experience in conducting local elections since 1991. Earlier in the year, Cape Verde’s ambassador to Angola announced that the direct flights between the capitals Luanda and Praia would resume.

According to, Praia is the capital city of Cape Verde, a country located in Western Africa. Cape Verde’s close relationship with China was also confirmed when Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Praia. The Cape Verde government then expressed its willingness to support China’s huge New Silk Road project (in English called the Belt and Road Initiative), which aims to facilitate trade between China and the outside world both by land and by sea. Prime Minister Correia e Silva expressed the hope that China will be willing to support large and important projects in Cape Verde and thus contribute to the country’s economic and social development.

Cape Verde Praia Tourist Attractions 2

In March, Cape Verde, as one of a total of 44 African countries, signed an agreement on a new African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). The agreement must be ratified at national level before it enters into force.

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