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The Republic of Tuvalu is located in Oceania. The national territory includes nine atolls, some of which are surrounded by coral reefs, with a total area of ​​26 km². Tuvalu is bordered by Fiji to the south, Kiribati to the north and the Solomon Islands to the west. The Funafuti atoll is the main island of Tuvalu and also forms the capital.

The chain of islands of the atolls runs in a north-west-south-east direction. The Tuvalus Islands do not reach a height of five meters (highest elevation 5 m), and the climate is tropical and maritime. It is feared that the rising sea levels caused by global climate change will soon flood the island world.

The flora on Tuvalu is not particularly diverse, breadfruit trees and coconut palms dominate. Diversity, on the other hand, is evident in the underwater world with its species-rich coral reefs. Due to the remote geographical location of Tuvalu, tourism hardly plays a role.

The beautiful region of Tuvalu has a population of between 12,000 and 13,000. The population is 96 percent Polynesians. The remaining 4 percent are Micronesians.
Although the education system has improved in recent years and the range of schools on offer has been expanded and expanded thanks to international aid, around 7 percent of the population are still illiterate.

The residents of Tuvalu use English as the official language and the native language Tuvaluan. Some residents also speak Samoan and Kiribati.
Tuvaluan is a Polynesian language. Since Tuvalu is made up of different islands, where different cultures and traditions prevail, the dialects of the Tuvaluan language typical for each island are also used there. The residents speak English, as the British ruled here during the colonial times.

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