Chad 2018

Yearbook 2018

Chad. According to, N’Djamena is the capital city of Chad, a country located in Central Africa. Chad had protested that the country was on the US list of countries whose citizens were not allowed to enter the United States. In April, the announcement came that Chad would be removed from the disputed list.

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In February, the EU pledged to double its support for the West African G5 force to the equivalent of approximately SEK 1 billion. The G5 force will include 5,000 soldiers and police from Chad, Niger, Mali, Mauritania and Burkina Faso with the mission of fighting terrorists and refugee smugglers. Chad’s well-trained military is expected to bear great responsibility in the force.

In eight years, at least 20,000 people have been killed by the extremist group Boko Haram in the area around Lake Chad in Chad, Nigeria, Niger and Cameroon. More than 2 million people have been displaced and food shortages prevail in the area, suffering from climate warming and water scarcity with a shrinking lake. Svenska Sida decided to allocate SEK 180 million to remedy the food shortage.

In April, Chad’s parliament approved a new constitution that gave more power to President Idriss Déby and abolished the Prime Minister’s post. Déby was also given the opportunity to remain head of state for two additional terms until 2033 (he came to power in 1990). The opposition protested by not participating in the vote. Déby announced that parliamentary elections would be held in November.

At least 18 people were killed in July when suspected Boko Haram supporters attacked a village near the Nigeria border. The attackers cut the throats of their victims and kidnapped ten women, according to the military. The attacks from Boko Haram in Chad are said to have increased during the year.

The Election Commission announced in November that the planned election would be postponed until 2019. The same has happened several times since the election would have been held in 2015.

During the year, six tip rhinos flew from South Africa to Chad in order to create a new population of the species in the country. Late rhinos were once a natural part of wildlife in Chad, but illegal hunting led to their extinction 46 years ago.

Chad – Ndjamena


N’Djamena, until 1973 Fort-Lamy, capital of Chad; 1. 1 million residents (2012). N’Djamena is an economic center, important for cotton cultivation, livestock management and fishing. The city has good road links with neighboring countries and international airport. In N’Djamena there are universities (founded in 1971) and research institutes.

N’Djamena was founded in 1900 as a French military posting and became 1920 capital of the Chad territory in French Equatorial Africa.

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