How to Get to Limassol, Cyprus

From the Russian capital, the easiest and fastest way is by plane directly to Larnaca airport, from where you can get to the resort by bus or taxi. In addition, there are many options for flights with transfers at European airports. True, none of them promises significant financial benefits, and the path will be longer. And for thrill-seekers, an exciting road trip through 7 European countries to the Greek capital, followed by a two-day ferry cruise from Athens to Cyprus, is quite suitable. According to populationmonster, Limassol is one of the largest cities in Cyprus.


Public transport in Limassol is run by EMEL (off. site in English). All her buses are air-conditioned, entrance is through the front door, tickets are sold from the driver. Bus number 30, the most popular among tourists, runs from 6:10 to 23:30 with an interval of 10-15 minutes. Its route passes through the city center and beach hotels in the tourist area. Bus number 17 from the Central Bus Station near the Old Hospital takes you to Kolossi Castle, 10 km west of the city. Bus number 16 is useful for those who want to see the ruins of ancient Kourion and swim on the local beach. The prices on the page are for November 2021.

A single ticket costs 1.50 EUR, a day pass – 5 EUR, for a week – 20 EUR, for a month – 50 EUR. Tickets are valid from 4:00 to 21:00. From 9:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m., only a one-time night ticket is valid.

Limassol Hotels

The best hotels in Limassol are located in the tourist area to the east of the city center. 5* hotels tend to be like Greek city-states. They have everything – a spacious area with a private beach, excellent service, comfortable rooms, gourmet restaurants, health centers, children’s clubs. The cost of a double room is 260-500 EUR. For full board you have to pay another 150-200 EUR.

Favorite hotel of the Sultan of Brunei Four Seasons attracts with a tropical garden, and St. Raphael is the only private marina in Cyprus.

4 * hotels in terms of service and comfort are not much inferior to their more “star” counterparts, but the prices in them are much more democratic – 150-250 EUR on the first line and from 100 EUR on the second. The most numerous are 3* hotels. In those located on the coast, the cost of rooms is 110-150 EUR, in the rest – 70-130 EUR. Those who wish to cook their own meals can choose apart-hotels or apartments. Depending on their location and the quality of the equipment, this will cost 50-130 EUR.

Intercity buses

Intercity buses of the Interсity Buses company (off. site in English) leave from the New Harbor stop. They go to Larnaca (10 flights a day from 6:00 to 21:30, travel time 1 hour 30 minutes), Paphos (15 flights from 5:40 to 20:30, 1 hour 15 minutes) and Nicosia (17 flights from 5:30 to 21:15, 1 hour 45 minutes).


The cost of a taxi ride around the city: landing – 3.50 EUR, 1 km of run – 0.80 EUR, waiting 15 EUR per hour, luggage weighing more than 12 kg – 1.50 EUR. From 20:00 to 06:00, the cost of the trip increases by about 20%. Tipping is optional, but gratefully accepted. A taxi to Nicosia costs from 65 EUR, to Ayia Napa – from 80 EUR.

Bicycles for rent

More than 20 bicycle stations of the international company NextBike are equipped in the city center and in the tourist zone (off. site). Having chosen a free bike, by calling the number indicated on the stand, you must tell the company its number and receive a code to unlock the digital lock. You can return the bike at any of the stations. Rental price: 1st hour – 2 EUR, each next – 1 EUR, 24 hours – 8 EUR, 1 week – 50 EUR, 1 month – 180 EUR.

  • Coast of Limassol

Rent a Car

Due to the fact that the number of clean, wild and simply beautiful coasts around Limassol is off the charts, and the public transport network is not so well developed, your own iron friend on wheels will come in handy here. And the cost of renting is unlikely to scare away even the most economical tourists (especially if they estimate how much a taxi will cost). All you need is a driver’s license (Russian ones are also suitable), driving experience of at least a year and an age of at least 21 years. Read all the subtleties and nuances on the page ” Rent a car in Limassol “.

Communication and Wi-Fi

Travel SIM cards from local mobile operators such as Prime Tel, CYTA Vodafone or MTN help you save on calls to Russia. CYTA has the largest coverage area, MTN has the most profitable PayAsYouGo tariff plan. You can buy a SIM card at almost any outlet in Limassol. The cost for different operators is 12.50-20 EUR, includes 5 EUR on the card balance and 20-100 free SMS. A minute of conversation with Russia costs 0.10-0.18 EUR, local calls – 0.1 EUR. The balance of the SIM card is replenished using payment cards with a face value of 5, 10, 20, 35 and 50 EUR. A bonus is attached to each such card – an additional 0.50-7 EUR for calls and SMS.

A call to Russia from the hotel reception costs 1-2 EUR per minute.

Mobile Internet cannot be called cheap. Data on Day, Data on Week and Data on Month tariff packages from MTN cost 2/5/10 EUR respectively and include 20/80/200 Mb of internet traffic. You can connect to free Wi-Fi in all hotels, many restaurants, bars and cafes, on the promenade, beaches and other public places.

How to Get to Limassol, Cyprus

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