Kiribati 2018

Yearbook 2018

Kiribati. In January, a ferry disappeared on its way from the island of Nonouti to the capital Tarawa, located on the atoll of the same name. On board were 88 people, of whom over 20 were schoolchildren. It was later found that the ship had sunk. According to, Tarawa Atoll is the capital city of Kiribati, a country located in Micronesia. Seven survivors were found in a lifeboat after about ten days.

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In September, the opposition tried to oust Parliament’s President Tebuai Uaai after he was accused of sexual harassment and for appearing drunk in connection with an international conference earlier this year. The President himself prevented the matter from being voted on by halting the opposition’s motions before they could be presented to Parliament.

In October, Teuea Toatu, Minister of Finance and Economic Development, announced that the Green Climate Fund would contribute $ 28 million to a project to ensure about half of the country’s population has constant access to clean water. Other funding for the project, Kiribati’s largest ever of its kind, will come from the government, the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank.

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