Maldives Tourist Information

The Maldives is a “paradise”, which seems to be created only for rest and relaxation. After all, there is absolutely everything for this here: stunning beaches and the azure sea, amazing nature and sunny weather, SPA centers and ultra comfortable hotels, all kinds of entertainment and delicious national cuisine. And if you have already chosen your favorite tour to the Maldives and are going on a trip soon, then the information below will be very useful!

Maldives: location.

According to thesciencetutor, the Maldives are located in South Asia in the waters of the Indian Ocean, in fact, on the equator.

Maldives: the capital.

The capital is Male – a small but rather lively city with a lot of attractions, especially mosques. Some of the most popular tourist spots worth visiting are the Good Friday Mosque, the Massid al-Sultan Mohammed Thakurufanu-al-Az Zam Mosque, the Presidential Palace and the National Museum. All of them are located nearby, so it is enough to choose one day for the tour.

Maldives: language.

The official state language in the Maldives is dhivehi, but in all the main tourist resorts, the majority of residents speak English (especially hotel and restaurant staff).

Maldives: visa.

For Ukrainians , a visa to the Maldives is not required. A free visa for a 30-day period is issued upon entry. When departing from the airport, you will need to pay $25.

You should also be aware of the prohibitions that include the customs regulations of the Maldives. It is forbidden to import into the territory of the islands, as in most countries, any drugs, all types of weapons, explosive and cutting dangerous objects. In addition, the import of pornographic materials and self-recorded videos (packaged cassettes and discs are allowed), anti-Islamic materials and military paraphernalia, the import of animals and pork meat, and alcohol are prohibited.

On the territory of the Maldives, it is forbidden to break or tear off corals, damage shellfish shells, fish (except for specially organized places for this activity) or spearfishing, throw or leave garbage, relax on the beach topless or completely naked. Tourists who violate these bans face fines.

Maldives: climate and seasonality.

The climate in the Maldives is very pleasant for most tourists. It is very warm here all year round, but there is no tiring heat – the temperature is kept at +25 to +32 degrees. The only thing worth considering is the rainy season, which is most active in the summer. The rains are quite short, but high waves often form on the sea. Although these months (more precisely, even from April to October) are perfect for surfing!

Maldives: time.

In the capital of the Maldives, in the city of Male, 3 hours should be added to Kiev time.

Maldives: currency.

The local currency is the rufiyaa. In most places, you can safely pay in US dollars, or you can, if you wish, exchange them for local currency. For a dollar at exchange points, you will receive about 15.34 Maldivian rufiyaa.

Maldives: tips. Often, in hotels in the Maldives, 10% of the tip is included in the bill, so tipping in hotels is not at all necessary, except for the maids at check-out. As for restaurants, the tip amount is usually between 5 and 10%.

Maldives: electrical network.

The voltage in the sockets is 230 volts and they are designed for almost all types of plugs, there is no single sample in the country, so it is better to ask about the types of plugs for sockets in a particular hotel. In any case, the reception often has several adapters available, which can be taken if necessary.

Maldives: clothing etiquette.

On the beaches you can freely wear any beachwear and swimwear. But outside the beach, you should dress as modestly as possible. Given that the main religion in the Maldives is Islam (most residents are Sunnis), in public places it is better to cover your shoulders, arms, legs, and stomach with clothes as much as possible.

Best of all – light, not tight shirts with sleeves. You should also not wear clothes made of translucent fabrics or those that are too tight on the body.

Before entering mosques, you should definitely put on clothes that cover your arms and legs (you can cover yourself with a large scarf). You should also take off your shoes and wash your feet in a special ritual pool at the entrance.

Maldives: official holidays.

The main holiday is Independence Day, which is celebrated on July 26-27 – a lot of bright concerts, processions and parades await you! And being in the country on November 11, you will take part in the celebration of the Republic Day.

As for Islamic holidays, the dates of most of them change every year. The most popular Islamic holidays in the Maldives are Ramadan, which lasts a whole month, and the Prophet’s Birthday (the celebration lasts three days).

The Day of the Fisherman, which falls on December 10, will be interesting for tourists – fairs are everywhere, where they prepare delicious dishes and delicacies from all kinds of fish and seafood that you can taste right away.

Maldives: connection.

Be sure to remember the emergency numbers: you can call an ambulance by dialing 102, firefighters – 118, and if you need the police, then call 119. As for mobile communications, even at the airport you can buy a SIM card that you can use on the territory of the country – this would be the best solution. Calls can also be made from hotels or pay phones.

Maldives: useful phones.

Rescue Service – 119;

Ambulance – 102;

Help Desk – 110;

Airport information desk — +960-332-22-11, +960-333-88-00;

Embassy of Ukraine in the Maldives:

Tel.: (8-10-9111) -2614-60-41, (8-10-9111) -2614-60-42;

Maldives Tourist Information

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