Memo to a Tourist in Peru

Before leaving for the airport, you must have the following documents with you: a correctly issued international passport and an air ticket for round-trip flights. There is no need to apply for a special visa for Russian citizens. Your departure to Peru will take place on the basis of the issued air tickets.

Airport taxes
When leaving the country, an airport tax is paid: international (30.25 dollars), domestic flight (06.05 dollars (2 times), including Nazca).


Be sure to take out medical insurance before you travel. No special vaccinations are required to enter the country. People with cardiovascular disease should consult their doctor before traveling to Peru. Altitude sickness can occur in the Andes of Peru. Mountain sickness occurs as a result of a lack of oxygen and can make itself felt in the Caulkin Canyon, Cusco, Puno and other high mountain regions of the country. The main symptoms are: headache, nausea, palpitations, lack of appetite, insomnia, shortness of breath and shortness of breath (especially at night while sleeping), loss of strength, vision problems. General recommendations for relief of well-being: on the first day, avoid strong physical exertion, do not eat solid foods (completely eliminate heavy fatty foods), do not drink alcoholic beverages, rest more and drink plenty of water. mate de coca (a good tonic) or just chew dry coca leaves. There are special sorojchi (soroche) pills, the first dose of which should be taken a few hours before a flight or moving to highlands, but they have a different effect on everyone. They are similar in composition to our aspirin (plus caffeine) and are available at most local pharmacies. You can also purchase a personal oxygen bottle at Cusco Airport and local pharmacies. In tourist transport in Cusco, Puno and Colca, as well as in hotels, oxygen cylinders are always available, provided to tourists on demand.

For a trip to the selva, it is recommended to get vaccinated against yellow fever (10 days before the trip, valid for 10 years) and drink malaria pills. Cases of both the first and second diseases have not been registered in Peru for a long time, so whether to take pills or get vaccinated is your personal decision. Be sure to take insect bite protection with you both in the selva and Machu Picchu. Avoid using perfumes and aftershave lotions in the selva.

Do not drink tap water, only buy bottled water or use boiled water. You can also use water purification tablets.


According to Extrareference, Peruvians are friendly and open people and they treat tourists very kindly, trying in every possible way to please them. Do not forget that the European and Latin American mentality is still significantly different, and what may seem quite natural to us may be incomprehensible to a Peruvian, and vice versa.

One of the traits inherent in Peruvians is blatant lack of punctuality. Peruvians are late for parties, meetings and dates. It is customary to be late here, and if the beginning of the holiday is scheduled for 6 pm, wait for guests only by 8-9.

Another feature of the Peruvians is slowness. Restaurant service can be quite slow – just be patient and relax!

Peruvians are very fond of holidays and festivals. Just give me a reason to have fun, dance and drink! It is quite possible that during the trip you will see folk festivals on the streets of cities more than once.

In the markets of Peru, it is customary to bargain – both sellers and buyers get great pleasure from this. Sometimes in this way it turns out to bring down the price by 2 or more times!


Important trivia
1. In Cusco and Puno (mountainous areas) it gets cold at night after sunset, you need a sweater and / or a light jacket on top. However, the sun in Peru is very strong, and Cusco and Puno are located high above sea level, where, even in cloudy weather, you can burn. Definitely a sunscreen with a high degree of protection!
2. The weather is quite changeable. Therefore, it is recommended to have an umbrella or a raincoat with you.
3. Those who do not tolerate altitude, in Cusco and especially in Puno, may need pills for altitude sickness, they should be taken in advance, before flying to Cusco 2 hours in advance (it is better to consult a doctor before the trip, what medicines are better to take with you,). Due to the height, it is also recommended not to eat very much and heavy food, drink herbal tea, and move slowly.

In case of problems
Embassy of the Russian Federation in Lima:
Avenida Salaverry, 3424, San Isidro, Lima, Republica del Peru, Phone: (511) 264-0036, 264-0038, 264-1170, 264-1139, Fax: (511) 264- 0130, E-mail: [email protected]
Consular Section: Avenida Salaverry, 3516, San Isidro, Lima, Republica del Peru. Tel: (511) 264-0404

Important: All airports in the 27 countries of the European Union must check passengers’ hand luggage and not allow liquids in excess of 100 milliliters, with a total volume of no more than 1 liter, to be carried on board aircraft. Medicines and baby food are checked separately and are not limited in volume. Perfumes, drinks, alcohol and aerosols purchased from duty-free shops at the airport and packed in sealed plastic bags can also be carried in hand luggage.

Memo to a Tourist in Peru

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