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Attractions and sights in Menorca

It is not to come from that Menorca is primarily a holiday island for those seeking sun and swimming. But there are attractions in Menorca. Also beyond pure nature experiences. Here is a selection of the best Menorca has to offer of attractions and sights.

The view from Monte Toro

The obvious attraction of Menorca is nature. For example, take the trip to Menorca’s only mountain, Monto Toro (358 meters above sea level). From here you have a panoramic view of Menorca. If you are lucky enough to be completely clear, it should be possible to see all the way to Mallorca.

“The Capital Cities” Ciutadella and Maó

The old town of Ciutadella is a myriad of mazes that make it all so exotic. The city’s history stretches back more than 2,000 years. Once, Ciutadella belonged to the Arabs, and the name was Medina Minurqa. Ciutadella was the ancient capital of Menorca.

The new capital, Maó (or Mahón), has one of the world’s largest natural harbor areas and also has many traces of British rule in the 18th century. The historic center is cozy with its many restaurants and cafes.

Menorca Attractions

Megalithic monuments

Menorca is a world leader in the number of megalithic monuments in the Mediterranean. What we are talking about are large stone monuments that are written back to the Talayot ​​culture that existed long before the birth of Christ. In the Balearic Islands, only Majorca and Menorca have traces of this culture.

You will find huge upright stones with a similarly large stone across the top (ie a huge T or a table if you will) and you will see thousands of miles of stone walls along the roads and in the landscape as a whole.

We recommend a trip to Talati de Dalt a few kilometers west of the capital Maó.

The fortresses of La Mola and Marlborough

Menorca has two beautiful fortresses. These are located east of Menorca, at the fjord opening which is the start of the entrance to the capital Maó. These fortresses were an important defensive device for Menorca.

Take a trip to Es Castell and book for example. water taxi derfa to La Mola. La Mola is open during the peak season (July and August) 1000 to 2100. Limited opening hours in other months.

NB! Closed Mondays. Check website for details,

La Mola was completed in 1875. The fortress of Marlborough is considerably older. It was built by Sir John Churchill in the early 18th century. This fortress has also been used in battle several times. In Marlborough Fortress you will find a museum today.

Fort Malborough is open every day but has limited business hours Sundays and Mondays. Tuesdays – Saturdays, Fort Malborough is open from 0930 to 2015 and Sundays / Mondays from 0930 to 1430.

Marlborough Fortress is located near Cala de Sant Esteve.

Museo de Menorca

If you are interested in history, please visit the Museo de Menorca in Maó, more specifically at Plaza de Sant Francesc.

Cathedral of Menorca

The large cathedral in Ciutadella (the address is Carrer Cal Bisbe Torres, 8) is worth a closer look. Construction starts in the year 1300 and just over 60 years later the great Catalan Gothic church was completed. In 1812 the facade was rebuilt in a neoclassical style, but due to the destruction during the Spanish War (1936) the original facade was recreated.

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