Mongolia 2018

Yearbook 2018

Mongolia. In January, EU finance ministers decided to remove Mongolia from its black list of tax havens, countries that do not cooperate in the EU’s fight against tax fraud. This was important for Mongolia, which does not want to lose EU funding.

According to, Ulaanbaatar is the capital city of Mongolia, a country located in Eastern Asia. The famous Mongolian wild horse, called Przewalski’s horse, is not wild, claims scientists in the journal Science in February. A new genetic study has shown that the Przewalski horses are derived from the earliest known domesticated horses that were kept in present-day Kazakhstan some 5,500 years ago.

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This year’s winter became unbearably severe in Mongolia. In March, it was reported that more than 700,000 livestock animals have succumbed since the beginning of the year down to 58 minus degrees. A cattle dealer described how he saw horses freeze to death standing. However, an even harsher winter eight years earlier has led to a number of measures to alleviate the effects of the severe cold.

In September, Mongolia participated in the huge Russian military exercise Vostok-2018, which included about 300,000 soldiers and about 36,000 military vehicles and was held in eastern Siberia. Mongolia and China were invited to participate in the exercise as its size near their borders could otherwise be perceived as a threat.

The Ministry of Education ordered all the country’s schools to stop this year’s Halloween celebration, which was previously popular in English education. The ban was motivated by the fact that Halloween is a Western invention that threatens Mongolian Buddhist traditions and that parents complained about the phenomenon.

President Chaltmaagijn Battulga, who won the election the year before with populist messages, traveled in the spring in all the provinces of the country, listened to people’s complaints and sought support in his conflict with the ruling Mongolian People’s Party that dominates parliament. In the fall, the president threatened with hunger strike to pressure Parliament to dissolve itself. According to Battulga, the economic needs of the elected people did not take seriously.

However, the country’s GDP grew by just over 6% in the first half of the year, mainly due to increased commodity prices and increased demand for coal from China.

Plans were presented on a railway from the large coal mine Tavan Tolgoi to China, which will be completed in 2021. By then, 30 million tonnes of coal will be exported to China. Tavan Tolgoi is the world’s largest unused coking coal reserve, which is estimated to contain over 7 billion tonnes.

The network fluvial and its disposition also place Mongolia in a very particular position in the broader picture of the hydrography of the Asian continent: in fact, here the watershed lines that separate the waters directed to the Pacific side from the tributary ones of the Glacial Artic Sea and the closed basins of Central Asia.

The flora is rather poor, but with an absolute predominance of endemic species: both of these characters depend on the extreme conditions offered to the plants by the climate and the (often salty) soil. The steppes are extensive and the salty steppes with Salsolacee, Polygonaceae, Tamaricaceae etc. In the northern mountain ranges there are forests of pine, cedar, larch, birch, etc.; the NO mountains are less wooded; in general the northern slopes of the mountains are much better coated than the southern ones.

From a political point of view, Mongolia is divided between the autonomous region of Mongolia Interna and the Republic di Mongolia, which occupies almost 60% of the entire regional surface.

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