Morris County, New Jersey Weather

Morris County, New Jersey is a vibrant county located in the northern region of the state. It is an integral part of the larger New York metropolitan area and is home to over 500,000 people.

According to, the county was established in 1739 and was named after Colonel Lewis Morris, who served as a delegate for New Jersey in the Continental Congress during the American Revolution. The county has a rich history and is home to several important historical sites such as Morristown National Historical Park, which commemorates the site of George Washington’s winter encampment during the Revolutionary War.

Morris County is also home to several attractions that draw visitors from all over the world. Popular attractions include The Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge which offers plenty of opportunities for bird watching and nature hikes, and Morris Museum which features exhibits on history, science, art, and culture from around the world.

The county also boasts some famous people including former U.S President Grover Cleveland who was born in Caldwell; actor Bruce Willis who grew up in Carneys Point; singer Whitney Houston who grew up in East Orange; writer Stephen Crane who lived in Asbury Park; and actor Paul Rudd who was born in Passaic.

Morris County has something for everyone. From its historic sites to its attractions, there are plenty of things to see and do.

Climate and weather in Morris County, New Jersey

According to, Morris County, New Jersey is located in the northern region of the state and experiences four distinct seasons throughout the year. The county’s climate is characterized by warm summers and cold winters, with temperatures ranging from an average high of 87 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer to an average low of 24 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter.

The county typically experiences mild weather conditions during spring and fall, with temperatures ranging from an average high of 65 degrees Fahrenheit to an average low of 33 degrees Fahrenheit. During these months, Morris County usually sees a mix of sunny days and rain showers.

In the summer months, temperatures tend to be hot and humid with highs reaching into the 90s on some days. It is not uncommon for thunderstorms to occur in the late afternoon or early evening during this time.

Winter months in Morris County bring cold temperatures and snowfall, with snowfall averaging around 12 inches per year. Snowstorms are not uncommon during these months and can last up to several days at a time. Additionally, ice storms are also possible during winter months as well as periods of extreme cold weather when temperatures dip below zero for extended periods of time.

Morris County has a temperate climate throughout the year that experiences all four seasons. Summers are hot and humid while winters experience cold temperatures and snowfall.

Transportation in Morris County, New Jersey

Morris County, New Jersey has an extensive transportation system that provides easy access to the rest of the state and beyond. The county is served by several major highways including I-80, I-287, and US 202, as well as several smaller roads. Additionally, there are also several bus lines that provide service throughout Morris County and to nearby towns and cities.

The county is also served by two airports: Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) and Atlantic City International Airport (ACY). Both airports offer direct flights to domestic destinations as well as international destinations.

Public transportation in Morris County is provided by NJ Transit which operates bus routes throughout the county as well as to nearby towns and cities. NJ Transit also operates a light rail line from Hoboken Terminal to Newark Penn Station with stops in Morristown, Denville, Parsippany, Dover, Mount Olive, and Parsippany-Troy Hills.

In addition to public transportation options, Morris County also has a number of taxi companies that provide service throughout the county. There are also a number of ride sharing services such as Uber and Lyft available for those who need a ride within the county or to nearby cities or towns.

Morris County has an extensive transportation network that provides easy access to the rest of New Jersey and beyond. From highways to airports to buses and taxis, there are plenty of options for getting around the county.

Cities and towns in Morris County, New Jersey

Morris County is home to a variety of cities and towns, each with its own unique character and attractions. According to COUNTRYAAH, the county’s largest city is Morristown, which is the county seat and has been the site of many historical events. It is home to several museums, galleries, and other attractions including the Morris Museum. Additionally, Morristown also has a vibrant restaurant scene with an array of cuisines from around the world.

The second largest city in the county is Parsippany-Troy Hills which offers plenty of shopping opportunities as well as recreational activities such as golfing and biking. It also has several parks and nature preserves that offer stunning views of the surrounding area.

Other popular cities in Morris County include Dover, Mount Olive Township, Denville Township, Rockaway Township, Randolph Township, Boonton Township, Chatham Borough, Madison Borough, Netcong Borough, and Montville Township. Each of these cities offers a variety of attractions such as museums and galleries as well as parks and recreational activities like hiking trails and golf courses. In addition to these cities there are also numerous unincorporated communities throughout Morris County that offer a more rural atmosphere for those looking for a slower pace or more open space.

Morris County has something for everyone. From bustling cities to quaint towns there are plenty of places to explore throughout the county. Whether you’re looking for cultural experiences or outdoor adventures there’s something for everyone in this diverse region.

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