Nauru 2018

Yearbook 2018

Nauru. As before, almost all reporting from the small realm about the refugees who tried to get to Australia but were interned in camps in Nauru. At the beginning of the year, there were about 1,100 refugees on the island, of whom about 150 were children. Most had spent close to five years in camp. In January, about 500 asylum seekers filed a petition requesting leave Nauru and instead coming to Australia or New Zealand. The United States had then agreed to receive about 20 of the refugees. The refugees also complained about how they were treated, how families were divided and about the poor living conditions in the camp which led to people being forced to be transported to Australia every week to receive care that is not available in Nauru.

According to, Yaren District is the capital city of Nauru, a country located in Micronesia. Around 100 children in need of care were brought to Australia during the year. The Australian government appeared to be considering evacuating all Nauru refugee children, but in November Prime Minister Scott Morrison waived this. On the contrary, he said that children receiving care in Australia would be sent back to the camp and that about 30 remaining children would be forced to stay in Nauru if they did not need care or were received by the United States.

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In September, it was announced that the financing of the project to upgrade the island’s port was complete. The Nauru will be assisted by Australia, the United Nations-linked Green Climate Fund and the Asian Development Bank, which will contribute between $ 14 and $ 27 million each, while Japan will support the project with equipment for the port’s management.

On January 31, Nauru celebrated 50 years as an independent state.

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