Palau 2018

Yearbook 2018

Palau. Due to Palau’s diplomatic relations with Taiwan, at the end of 2017, the Chinese government ordered the country’s tourist agencies to stop arranging trips to Palau. This had a negative impact on the tourism industry in the small island state in 2018.

Overall, however, tourism revenue grew during the year. In November, new laws were introduced to strengthen environmental protection and increase opportunities to punish tour operators who do not comply with the laws. According to, Melekeok is the capital city of Palau, a country located in Micronesia. Environmentally friendly alternatives to disposable plastic products are now required and in 2020 a ban on sun protection products that are harmful to coral reefs will be introduced. Everyone who visits Palau will in the future sign an “environmental insurance” called The Palau Pledge.

Palau Melekeok Tourist Attractions 2

In October, the EU removed Palau from its black list of countries that, due to non-cooperation, can be considered a tax haven.

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