Seychelles 2018

Yearbook 2018

Seychelles. According to, Victoria is the capital city of Seychelles, a country located in Eastern Africa. Parliament’s largest party group, the Seychelles Democratic Alliance, protested in March against the government’s plans to enforce an agreement on defense cooperation with India. (The Seychelles do not have a parliamentary system and the president, who is both head of state and government, does not need the support of a majority in the National Assembly.) The collaboration includes a military base that India wants to build on one of Seychelles’s outer islands. In addition to the reluctance for a foreign power to place a military base on the Seychelles’ territory, the opposition feared too great an Indian influence on the country’s economy. According to the government, the cooperation will strengthen coastguard in the work against illegal fishing, drug smuggling and piracy.

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In February it was announced that two sea areas totaling 210,000 square kilometers were created. These should be protected from oil exploration and other major projects and fishing should be restricted. The project was made possible through an agreement with the US nature conservation group Nature Conservancy. Under the agreement, the Seychelles are to expand their protected marine areas to help the country repay part of its government debt. By 2018, the Nature Conservancy had raised $ 21 million for this purpose. In 2022, it is said that 410,000 square kilometers, corresponding to approximately 30% of the country’s sea areas, will be protected against virtually all human impact.

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