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Tobermory, Ontario (Canada)

Major Cities in Ontario (Canada)

Niagara Falls, Ontario (Canada) According to Smartercomputing.org, Niagara Falls is located 140 km from Toronto on the border with the United States between lakes Ontario and Erie. It was named after the famous Niagara...

Canada History and Culture

Canada History and Culture

Multicultural society After the 1984 Conservative election victory, B. Mulroney became Prime Minister (until 1993). In 1990, some provinces refused to agree to the Meech Lake Agreement (negotiated in 1987), which was supposed to...

Canada Ottawa Tourist Attractions 2

Canada 2018

In 2018, Canada had a population of approximately 37 million people. The economy is largely based on services, with manufacturing and natural resources also making up a significant portion of the GDP. Oil is...