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Just over 12 km south of Mahón is the small quiet seaside resort of Es Canutells. Nearby are the other holiday destinations of Sant Climent and Punta Prima. As in many other places in Menorca, peace and quiet are valued and the same is true in Es Canutells. The small village is located on a cliff with the beach or bay below and in the surroundings you can hike, ride or bike. Es Canutells also organizes many different types of training sessions for both adults and children and at the beach you can either dive, snorkel, windsurf or sail.

The beach in Es Canutells

This sandy beach with fine-grained sand and rocky surroundings is also marked by the UN organization UNESCO and this means that the seagrass that is washed up on the beach must not be cleaned away. During the spring and the first months of autumn, it can then seem a little dirty, as the sea currents cause algae and aquatic plants to end up at the shoreline. However, it is usually a little “cleaner” during the summer and the water is crystal clear and great for diving. Nearby are also several bathing coves at Binibeca and Binidali.

According to Ezinereligion, the bathing bay in Es Canutells is really beautiful and if you lie and sunbathe, you can also enjoy looking at the nice sailboats that usually add a little here and there. The beach is quite shallow and if you or older children want to jump from the rocks at the sides, there are several ledges to aim at.

Bars / Restaurants in Es Canutells

Some travelers may be a little surprised that Es Canutells only offers a restaurant and a café. However, you can instead go to Mahón, which is only 12 km away. Many also take the opportunity to take the bus to Sant Climent which is 5 km from the resort or Punta Prima which is located 6 km around Es Canutells.

But to do some marketing for the village’s two meeting places, these are called Restaurante Es Canutells and Chepas Bar Kafé. Es Canutells is a restaurant that is especially appreciated by children and it is located right next to the beach, which is good when hunger is reminded after a refreshing day.

Things to do in the surroundings

The most positive thing about the surroundings is that Es Canutells is so close to Mahón. You can go here by bus several times an hour and the trip costs only SEK 18. If you want to take a taxi, it costs SEK 175 and the fact is that it is also possible to cycle between the towns. Menorca is known for its hiking and biking trails that run around the island. Riding a mountain bike from Es Canutells to Sant Climent takes no longer than 20 minutes and here there are also more activities and restaurants if you get tired of the only restaurant in Es Canutells.

Since you can easily book a hotel and travel here through a charter company, the companies have, however, made sure to organize several activities for both children and adults here, so do not despair. There is a lot to do, especially for the fitness-loving person and the children have both a teddy bear club and other fun to look forward to.

Es Canutells

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