Tuvalu 2018

Yearbook 2018

Tuvalu. In early March, a new international airport terminal opened and a few days later it was announced that Air Kiribati airline would start a flight between Kiribati’s capital Tarawa, located on the atoll of the same name, and Tuvalu’s largest atoll, Funafuti, where the capital Fongafale is located. According to Countryaah.com, Vaiaku is the capital city of Tuvalu, a country located in Polynesia. Flights between countries will depart once a week.

Tuvalu Funafuti Tourist Attractions 2

In October, a new system was put into operation to warn of extremely large ocean waves. The system began to develop after the tropical cyclone Pam, which in 2015 caused flood waves that projected into the low-lying atolls and forced about 300 people to evacuate their homes. In November, Apisai Ielemia, who was Prime Minister 2006-10, passed away.

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