United Arab Emirates 2018

Yearbook 2018

United Arab Emirates. According to Countryaah.com, Abu Dhabi is the capital city of United Arab Emirates, a country located in Western Asia. The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia introduced VAT at the beginning of the year. The reason was lower revenues due to falling world market prices for oil. Both countries are now the first Gulf states to introduce this type of tax.

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The Swedish Parliament decided in February to make it more difficult to export military equipment to, for example, the United Arab Emirates. According to a new Swedish law, the recipient country’s democratic status is a “central criterion” for an export permit.

According to an audit conducted by Sweden’s Radio program “Caliber”, it was revealed in March that the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration, through a subsidiary since 2013, has collaborated with a company in the United Arab Emirates that has links to the country’s arms and defense industry. It turns out that the CAA’s subsidiary has, among other things, worked with air traffic control of military aircraft involved in the Yemen conflict. The United Arab Emirates is part of the Saudi-led coalition against the Huthirbels in Yemen. The CAA’s subsidiary claims that this connection is unknown. The collaboration should have been worth SEK 1 billion.

A British student, 31-year-old Matthew Hedge, was sentenced in November to life in prison for spying in the country. Hedge was arrested at Dubai airport on his way home in May after researching the United Arab Emirates security policy after the Arab Spring of 2011. However, he was pardoned shortly after the verdict.

In February, the world’s longest so-called zipline was opened at the United Arab Emirates highest mountain in Ras al-Khayma. It is a 2.8 kilometer long cable car where the chopped passenger hanging in harness can reach a speed of up to 150 kilometers per hour.

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