Victoria, Seychelles

The capital of the Seychelles – Victoria (Victoria) – a small city, immersed in the shade of tropical sprawling trees. The history of the city began in the 18th century, when 15 French colonists landed on the island and created the first settlement of Port Royal. When the islands came under the rule of England, the city was renamed in honor of the English queen and acquired its current name. Now the city, surrounded by mountains on three sides, is home to 26 thousand people, but local residents believe that the city has already grown too much, so construction within the city is prohibited.

Walking through the streets of Victoria, climbing the surrounding hills, appreciating all the beauty of primeval nature, one can understand why the inhabitants of the island consider their homeland the only piece of the sunken Garden of Eden preserved on earth.

How to get to Victoria

Seychelles International Airport is served by flights from Bangkok, London (British Airways), Paris (Air France), Frankfurt (Condor), Johannesburg, Rome, Milan and Amsterdam (Martinair). Check liuxers for customs and traditions of Seychelles.


Traveling by local buses is cheap, however, and they run irregularly.

Taxi drivers will immediately offer you to become your permanent guides around the island. Negotiate the price of the trip in advance.

Locals and outdoor enthusiasts prefer to get around the city on bicycles, which can be rented or bought at a reasonable price.

By car

The traffic in the city is left-handed, the car allows you to drive around the entire island in a couple of hours, get to remote beaches and shops where locals buy exotic delicacies. Renting a car will cost approximately 35-45 USD per day.

By air

You can fly to the neighboring island of Praslin by Air Seychelles, which offers more than two dozen flights a day. There are flights to the islands of Bird, Denis, Fregat, Derosh, Alphonse once a day or every other day. By helicopter, you can make both a sightseeing flight and get to most of the inner and outer islands of the Seychelles.

On water

Catamaran Cat Cocos departs twice a day from the city’s pier to Praslin Island (ticket price 90 USD round trip, provided that you return on the same day).

5 things to do in Victoria

  1. Weave (well, or at least try to do it) a national Seychellois hat.
  2. Travel the length and breadth of the city on a rented bike.
  3. Dash for a day on the neighboring island of Praslin – swim in the bay of Anse Lazio.
  4. Take a picture in front of a miniature copy of Big Ben.
  5. Taste authentic Creole cuisine.

Victoria Hotels

The capital has a large (relative to other settlements of the archipelago) choice of various hotels, apart-hotels and bungalows. From “urban” 2 stars to luxury options on the first line of luxurious beaches in a slight distance from the city center.

Victoria Restaurants

Seychelles cuisine has been influenced by a variety of culinary traditions. The most popular are seafood, coconut and curry dishes. The Islander restaurant, which offers great food at reasonable prices, is owned by a former US Air Force pilot. The family restaurant Marie Antoinete specializes in authentic Creole cuisine, which can also be tasted at the Boat House. La Perle Noir is an expensive and sophisticated restaurant, the best place for romantic dinners.

  • Victoria Map

Entertainment and attractions in Victoria

A small copy of the famous Big Ben rises on the central avenue – the most noticeable decoration of the city. From the clock tower towards the old port leads the most popular street of the city – the Long Pier. It houses a local museum, which, in addition to exhibits telling about the history of the city, contains a “stone of ownership”, installed by the French in 1756 as a sign confirming the status of a French colony.

Local residents believe that Victoria has already grown too much, so construction within the city is prohibited.

On the Market Street, which unites the old shopping districts, Indian and Chinese shops, shops and the city market, the English Cathedral of St. Paul and the Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception rise opposite each other, behind which stretch the vast possessions of the Catholic episcopate. On the territory of the Catholic park you can see statues of saints and numerous bas-reliefs depicting biblical scenes.

On Francis Rachel Avenue there is a center of applied arts and crafts, where tourists are taught to make souvenirs from bamboo, tortoise shells and coconut leaves, as well as to weave national Seychellois hats. Botanical garden Mont Fleuri (tel. (248) 22-46-44) is located in the nearby valley.

In the zoological department of the Botanical Garden you can see the famous giant tortoises. Turtles that appeared on our planet during the time of dinosaurs live for 200 years, and their weight reaches 250 kg.

Just west of Victoria is Intendance Bay. You can get to it by bus 50A. Here you will find a luxurious beach with amazing coral sand, surrounded by modern hotels, stylized bungalows, bars, restaurants and discos.

Victoria, Seychelles

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