What does BOH stand for?

Top 10 Meanings of BOH

1. Back of House (BOH)

Back of House (BOH) typically refers to the areas of a restaurant, hotel, or other hospitality establishment that are not accessible to customers. This includes the kitchen, storage areas, offices, and employee break rooms. The back of house is where food is prepared, supplies are stored, and administrative tasks are carried out. It’s essential for maintaining the smooth operation of the establishment and ensuring that customers receive high-quality service.

2. Bank of Hawaii (BOH)

Bank of Hawaii (BOH) is a financial institution headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii. It provides a range of banking and financial services to individuals, businesses, and institutions in Hawaii, Guam, and other Pacific Islands. The bank offers personal and commercial banking, wealth management, investment, and insurance services, contributing to the economic development and financial well-being of the region.

3. Beginning of Header (BOH)

Beginning of Header (BOH) is a term used in computer programming and file formats to indicate the start of a data header or metadata section. The header contains important information about the structure, format, and contents of the data, facilitating its interpretation, processing, and manipulation by software applications and systems.

4. Bachelor of Occupational Health (BOH)

Bachelor of Occupational Health (BOH) is an academic degree program focusing on the study of occupational health and safety principles, practices, and regulations. It prepares students for careers in occupational health management, workplace safety consulting, industrial hygiene, and environmental health, addressing the prevention of work-related injuries, illnesses, and hazards.

5. Book of Hours (BOH)

Book of Hours (BOH) is a type of devotional book or illuminated manuscript popular in medieval Europe, containing prayers, psalms, and religious texts for private worship and meditation. These books often featured elaborate decorations, illustrations, and calendars, serving as personal prayer books for wealthy individuals or religious orders.

6. Beginning of History (BOH)

Beginning of History (BOH) is a concept used in historical studies to denote the earliest period or phase of recorded human history, typically preceding written records or documented civilizations. It encompasses the prehistoric era, archaeological evidence, and oral traditions, exploring the origins and development of human societies.

7. Bunch of Heroes (BOH)

Bunch of Heroes (BOH) is a colloquial expression used to describe a group of individuals who display courage, bravery, or exceptional qualities in the face of adversity or danger. It conveys admiration, respect, and recognition for acts of heroism or valor performed by multiple individuals collectively.

8. Beginning of Hospitality (BOH)

Beginning of Hospitality (BOH) refers to the initiation or commencement of hospitality services, experiences, or interactions between hosts and guests in various settings, such as hotels, restaurants, resorts, or tourism destinations. It marks the start of welcoming, accommodating, and serving guests with warmth, courtesy, and professionalism.

9. Bottom of the Hierarchy (BOH)

Bottom of the Hierarchy (BOH) is a term used in organizational theory and management to describe the lowest level or rank within a hierarchical structure or chain of command. It represents positions with the least authority, responsibility, or decision-making power within an organization’s organizational chart or hierarchy.

10. Beginning of Happiness (BOH)

Beginning of Happiness (BOH) is a philosophical concept that explores the origins, nature, and pursuit of happiness and well-being in human life. It delves into questions about the factors, conditions, and experiences that contribute to individual happiness, fulfillment, and life satisfaction, examining psychological, social, and philosophical perspectives.

Other 20 Popular Meanings of BOH

Meaning Description
Bureau of Health A government agency or department responsible for overseeing public health initiatives, programs, and policies to promote disease prevention, wellness, and healthcare access.
Bachelor of Hospitality An academic degree program focusing on the study of hospitality management, tourism, and related industries, preparing students for careers in hotels, restaurants, and tourism organizations.
Bachelor of Humanities An academic degree program encompassing a broad range of disciplines in the humanities, such as literature, philosophy, history, and cultural studies, exploring human expression and creativity.
Beginning of Humanity A philosophical and anthropological concept examining the origins, evolution, and development of human species and civilizations, exploring questions about human nature, society, and culture.
Box of Happies A package or gift box containing various items, products, or treats intended to bring joy, comfort, or positive emotions to recipients, often used for gifting, self-care, or spreading happiness.
Board of Health A local or regional governing body responsible for public health oversight, regulations, and enforcement within a community or jurisdiction, addressing issues related to sanitation, disease control, and safety.
Batch Order Handling A process or system for managing and processing orders in bulk or batches, typically used in manufacturing, distribution, or e-commerce operations to streamline order fulfillment and logistics.
Beginning of Healing A metaphorical or symbolic representation of the initial stages or processes involved in physical, emotional, or spiritual recovery, renewal, or restoration from illness, trauma, or adversity.
Bachelor of Humanities An academic degree program encompassing a broad range of disciplines in the humanities, such as literature, philosophy, history, and cultural studies, exploring human expression and creativity.
Balance of Harmony A state of equilibrium, peace, or unity achieved through the reconciliation or integration of diverse elements, perspectives, or interests, fostering mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation.
Business Overhead The ongoing expenses, costs, and operating overhead incurred by a business or organization to maintain its operations, facilities, and administrative functions, excluding direct production or labor costs.
Beginning of Hope A symbolic or optimistic outlook on the future, characterized by aspirations, expectations, and possibilities for positive change, growth, or improvement in personal or collective circumstances.
Bachelor of Healthcare An academic degree program focusing on the study of healthcare administration, management, and policy, preparing students for careers in healthcare organizations, facilities, and regulatory agencies.
Band of Horses A musical group or ensemble consisting of multiple members who play instruments and perform together, creating music across various genres, styles, and artistic expressions for audiences worldwide.
Bureau of Housing A government agency or department responsible for housing policies, programs, and initiatives aimed at ensuring access to safe, affordable, and quality housing for individuals and families in need.
Beginning of Harmony A metaphorical or philosophical concept representing the onset or establishment of harmonious relationships, interactions, or balance between individuals, groups, or elements within a system or environment.

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