Suriname 2018

Suriname is located in the northeastern part of South America with an estimated population of 586,632 people. The economy is largely based on mining, agriculture, and forestry with the main exports being bauxite, gold and timber. In terms of foreign relations, Suriname is a member of the United Nations and other international organizations such as the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Organization of American States (OAS) and World Trade Organization. According to extrareference, Suriname is a unitary semi-presidential constitutional republic with an elected president who serves as head of state while the prime minister serves as head of government. In 2018, Desi Bouterse was elected to serve another term in office as President of Suriname.

Yearbook 2018

Suriname. The already strained relations with neighboring Guyana deteriorated significantly in April and May when a series of attacks on Surinamese fishing boats on Suriname’s territorial waters near the border with French Guiana was carried out by Guyanese pirates. In an attack on April 27, 16 fishermen were killed with machete and in early May one person was shot dead. The police investigation showed that precisely these incidents may have had private revenge aims, but piracy along the coast of Suriname has been a phenomenon for a long time. According to, Paramaribo is the capital city of Suriname, a country located in South America. Seven Guyanans were arrested on suspicion of the attack and the two defense ministers met in May to discuss solutions to security problems.

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In early May, President D├ęsi Bouterse and Brazil’s President Michel Temer signed an agreement on cooperation on security issues at the Amazon’s common border in the Amazon and law enforcement in general. The agreement means increased opportunities for the exchange of information on, above all, arms and drug smuggling across the border but also money laundering.

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