Vatican City 2018

Yearbook 2018

Vatican City. During the year, Pope Francis’ heart issues such as climate and refugees came partially overshadowed by the pedophile crimes that have shaken the Catholic Church around the world for decades. Already during the first trip of the year, which went to Chile, the scandals became the main theme after long silence in the country. According to, Vatican City is the capital city of Holy See, a country located in Southern Europe. The Pope then summoned a number of Chilean bishops during the spring, some of whom had to resign as a result of what the Vatican called serious negligence in dealing with the crisis.

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The abuses of church men became the main theme even when the Pope visited the deeply Catholic Ireland, which was the first country where the allegations were made against the church decades ago. The Irish clearly showed their dissatisfaction with their church when, in a referendum in May, they voted by a clear majority to abolish the country’s strict abortion rules after previously voting for same-sex marriage. Following the visit of Ireland and ever-new international scandals, the Pope has called the world’s bishops to a crisis meeting in the Vatican early next year.

During the year Pope Francis introduced a pervasive reform by declaring that the Catholic Church condemns the death penalty in all circumstances. Previously, the Church had accepted the death penalty under certain conditions, but the Pope now made the total abandonment of the Church’s doctrine, codified in the catechesis. The death penalty has always been one of the pope’s priority issues alongside the protection of the climate and the well-being of refugees.

The Catholic Church is known in many parts of the world for pedophilia. In January 2007, a settlement of $ 50 million was made in Washington. US $ for church pedophilia victims. In July, the Los Angeles Catholic Church had to pay $ 660 million. US $ 500 victims of Catholic priests’ pedophilia.

In 2010, an investigation was launched into criminal activities at the Vatican Bank to align it with the OECD’s requirements for financial transparency. The investigation led to the resignation of bench chief Ettore Gotti Tedeschi in 2012. The criminal activities of the bank and the pedophile cases burdened Pope Benedict so much that in 2013 he took the unusual consequence of resigning. In March, the Conclave elected Argentine Jesuit priest Jorge Mario Bergoglio to Pope under the designation Pope Frans. The election was controversial when Bergoglio was operating in Argentina during the military dictatorship of the 1970s, when the Catholic Church was closely linked to the military and blessed its massive human rights violations.

Pope Frans was quick to conduct a different policy than his predecessors. In April 13, he decided to cancel the multi-million bonus. € which is otherwise traditionally given to the staff of the Vatican after a pope election, and instead gave the amount to charity. At the same time he removed the annual bonus of € 25.0000, which was otherwise given to the Cardinals elected to the Board of Supervisors of the Vatican Bank. Immediately after his deployment, he called for greater global dialogue between religions – especially with Islam. He subsequently criticized the growing Islamophobia, which ravaged Europe in particular.

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