Jordan 2018

Yearbook 2018

Jordan. According to, Amman is the capital city of Jordan, a country located in Western Asia. Jordan’s roughly 1 million refugees from the war in Syria are hitting hard on the Treasury. To resolve the economic crisis, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait therefore offered $ 2.5 billion in June “in light of the close fraternal relations”.

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Before that, King Abdullah II had forced Prime Minister Hani al-Mulki to resign because of the mass protests that erupted as a result of increased taxes. These had been introduced as part of the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) austerity package to reduce the country’s government debt. According to the government, the tax increases would equalize the social differences because high-paid people had to pay more than low-paid ones. New Prime Minister Omar al-Razzaz, on the other hand, promised to withdraw the controversial tax hike, and the IMF would release another $ 70 million to the country.

In January, the Arab League announced its intention to work for international recognition of East Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinians. According to Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi, Jerusalem is occupied land under international law. The decision was made at a meeting in Jordan’s capital Amman, attended by foreign ministers from Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and the Palestinian Authority.

In October, Jordan announced that it does not intend to renew a 1994 lease agreement with Israel on two small land areas along the border between the two countries. Under the agreement, Israel would have the right to, among other things, private land ownership.

The Israeli embassy in the capital Amman resumed operations during the year. It was closed last year after an Israeli security guard killed two Jordanians in July 2017. Israel has officially apologized and promised judicial review of the incident.

A tragic accident happened in October when a school bus with children between the ages of 11 and 14 was swept away in a flood near the Dead Sea. 20 people were killed, most children.

In November, at least eleven people died after a severe storm caused storm surges in several locations in the country. At least 3,700 tourists were evacuated from the ruins of Petra.

The remains of a 14,500-year-old pita bread were found in July at an ancient fireplace in northeastern Jordan. Now the researchers are wondering if it was that man started baking bread long before developing agriculture and that it was perhaps the bread baking that caused man to start growing and not the other way around.

History – The first decade of the 21st century. he saw the Hasimite monarchy engaged in its battle against Islamist terrorism, with the intent of creating scorched earth around the local ramifications of al-Qaeda. The political choice of King Abdullah II seemed to bear fruit on the occasion of the electoral consultations in November 2007 which saw the growth of the tribal majority component, traditional support of the monarchy, and the major opposition party, the Front of Islamic action, political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood (see Muslim Brotherhood). The organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, victim of persecution and banned in many Arab countries, from Egypt to Syria, from Saudi Arabia to the United Arab Emirates, had always seen Jordan’s participation in national political life guaranteed in the attempt made by the monarchy to weaken in this way the revolutionary and destabilizing scope of the organization. After the outbreak of the Arab Springs (2011), which had touched the Jordanian kingdom without affecting the strong position of the ruling dynasty, the feared repercussions in Jordan of the victory of the Brotherhood in Egypt (2012) had not occurred, apparently showing, the correctness of the choice of the Hāscim dynasty to channel the political action of this organization into the institutional settings.

In this climate of apparent calm, in June 2012 the new electoral law introduced some innovations in the country with the increase to 15 in the number of seats reserved for women in the Chamber of Deputies and the creation of a mixed voting system: for the first time each voter, in addition to choosing a candidate on a local district basis, could express a second preference on a national basis through party blocked lists for a total of 27 seats. Nonetheless, the tribal vote continued to represent the true strength of the regime in the face of an extreme fragmentation of the political landscape of the opposition, something that the subsequent elections of January 2013 highlighted. As already happened in the consultations of November 2010,


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