Taiwan 2018

Taiwan is located in the eastern part of Asia with an estimated population of 23.7 million people. The economy is largely based on exports, manufacturing and technology, with the main exports being electronics, machines and precision instruments. In terms of foreign relations, Taiwan is a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and other international organizations such as the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). According to extrareference, Taiwan is a semi-presidential representative democratic republic with an elected president who serves as head of state while the prime minister serves as head of government. In 2018, Tsai Ing-wen was elected to serve another term in office as President of Taiwan.

Yearbook 2018

Taiwan. In January, Taiwan refused to allow two Chinese airlines to deposit 176 additional flights in connection with the Chinese New Year. According to Countryaah.com, Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan, a country located in Eastern Asia. The reason was that China opened four new routes over the Taiwan Strait without previous negotiations with the Taiwanese government, which is contrary to a 2015 agreement.

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In February, a new head of the mainland relations council was appointed, responsible for contacts and relations with the Chinese regime in Beijing. The head of the council has the rank of minister and is a member of the government. Chen Min-tong, who was now appointed, held the same position in 2007-08 and was expected to push a tougher line towards mainland China.

Despite the strained relations, China took several steps to attract Taiwanese companies and individuals to China. About 30 different changes were introduced in March to enable Taiwanese to receive education and conduct business or artistic activities on the same terms as Chinese on the mainland.

However, the diplomatic struggle between the countries continued. In May, it was definitely clear that, due to Chinese pressure, Taiwan was not invited to this year’s World Health Organization (WHO) annual meeting, despite hard work from Taiwanese quarters to participate.

As China’s influence in the world has grown, more and more countries have also severed their diplomatic contacts with Taiwan in favor of China. Since the Dominican Republic (in May) and El Salvador (in August) established relations with China and severed relations with Taiwan, the latter country had only 17 allies among the states in the world.

During the year, China also put pressure on companies that acted in various ways contrary to the Chinese attitude that Taiwan is a province in China and not an independent state. In May, both US Gap was criticized for T-shirts whose print showed a China map without Taiwan, and also Japanese Muji, who also had to pay heavy fines because they listed Taiwan as their own state in information on the country of manufacture of goods.

In August, President Tsai Ingwen, the first Taiwanese president in 15 years, gave a speech in the United States. It happened when she stopped in Los Angeles on the way to Paraguay and Belize. The Beijing regime reacted sharply, but the United States assured that its China policy had not changed. The Chinese government also clearly expressed its dissatisfaction with the US decision to allow Taiwan to buy modern equipment for US fighter aircraft worth US $ 330 million. The deal was approved in October by the US Congress.

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