Solomon Islands 2018

Yearbook 2018

Solomon Islands. According to, Honiara is the capital city of Solomon Islands, a country located in Melanesia. Solomon Islands tropical forests are about to disappear, according to an alarm report from the environmental organization Global Witness. Harvesting is almost 20 times faster than the recovery, and at that rate the islands may have lost their forests by 2036. The reason is the huge demand for timber in China, where most of the timber exports go.

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The country’s large coconut crops were threatened by invading rhino beetles, which spread from island to island and killed the trees. During the year they reached the Russell Islands, where the southern hemisphere’s largest coconut cultivation is located.

During the year, the Australian Government decided to fund a 400-mile high-speed Internet cable to the Solomon Islands. The decision was made to prevent the project from being implemented by a Chinese state-owned company, which had previously signed an agreement with the Solomon Islands Government.

A controversial ban on selling and even chewing betel nuts was introduced during the year. The nutshells and the red mock locks on the streets are seen by the authorities as a stain, but the ban proved difficult to enforce.

Crocodiles caused more and more deaths on the islands’ coasts and in rivers. In September, at least five people, including children, were killed during the year by crocodiles.

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